KCSE Past Papers Drawing and Design 2013

Drawing and Design Paper 1 (449/1)

SECTION A (50 marks)

1 a) List four characteristics of a good technical drawing paper. (2 marks)

b) Given that paper size A4 is 210 x 297. Determine the sizes of thefollowing paper sizes

(i) A0;

(ii) A3. (2 marks)

c) State two precautions in handling a T-square. (2 marks)

2 a) List six computer programmes that can be used to produce a drawing. (3 marks)

b) Define the term “mock-up” and state its purpose in the design process. (2 marks)

3 Name the three groups of metals and give one example in each group.

(3 marks)

4 a0 Figure 1 is drawn to scale of 1:2.

Figure 1


(i) distance A;

(ii) the angle of the slanting face.

( b) Sketch to show how the diameters of eccentric circles on a solid piece can be dimensioned. ‘ (3 marks)

5. Define the following terms as applied to business enterprises:

(a) fixed assets;

(b) deficit;

(c) liability. (3 marks)

6. Figure 2 shows two views of two pans of a machine component drawn in first angle projections. Sketch the assembled parts in oblique projection. (6 marks)

7 Figure 3 shows the front elevation and an incomplete plan of a truncated square-based pyramid:

(a) complete the plan;

(b) draw the true shape of the cut face. _

8. Flgure 3

Draw the locus of the end of a string when it is unwound from a 30 mm square prism for one complete revolution. (6 marks)

9. Figure 4 shows a block drawn in first angle projection. Sketch the block in oblique taking (4 marks)

10 Figure 5 shows an isometric block. Sketch three views of the block in first angle orthographic projection. (6 marks)

Figure 5 EE

SECTION B (20 marks)

11 Figure 6 shows parts of a mechanical component drawn in first angle projection.

Assemble the parts and draw FULL SIZE, the following:

(a) sectional front elevation along the cutting plane P-P;

(b) end elevation;

(c) insert three leading dimensions.

Unspecified dimensions are left to the candidates discretion. Hidden details are not required.

(Use the A3 paper provided). (20 marks)

Answer any two questions from this section.

SECTION C (30 marks)

12 Figure 7 shows the front elevation and an incomplete plan of a truncated hexagonal prism.

(a) copy the views and complete the plan;

(b) draw the surface development of the prism (omit the flaps).

13 Figure 8 shows an inclined plan of a bloc k and its front elevation.

14 Figure 9 shows two intersecting square tubes A and B drawn in 1*‘ angle projection.

(a) copy the figure and complete:

(i) the front elevation

(ii) the plan.

(b) Draw the development of tube B.

(15 marks)

4.7.2 Drawing and Design Paper 2 (449/2)


A physically challenged person on wheelchair usually requires a special working table to perform different tasks. Design a suitable table for a challenged person considering the following:

lt should be easily moved from one position to another.

It should be adjustable to comfortable heights.

The working top should be adjustable to any desired angle of inclination.

The table should have an extended top that is collapsable. .

The table should have provision for placement of light stationery like pencils, pens, pins, erasers and rulers.


A) Make free-hand sketches of two possible solutions for your design. (6 marks)

b) Select one of the designs in (a) above and make a refined labelled pictorial sketch. (13 marks)

c) Make detailed sketches of the mechanism to allow for each of the considerations 1-5 above. (16 marks)

d) List two materials to be used and state one reason for the choice of each. (2 marks)

v e)State three methods of joining the parts and state where each is used. (3 marks)

KCSE Past Papers Drawing and Design 2013

Drawing and Design Paper 1 (449/1)

1. a) Size should be standard

White colour/ good colour for contract / colour

Texture/good quality

Paper gauge/thickness

Ink must not run on it! blooting factor

The edges should be perpendicular to each other

c) maintain right angle between blade and stock

maintain straightness of blade edge

store such that the blade is in a vertical position

avoid dropping or storing in direct sunlight

Only use it for the intended purpose

2. a) word processing –

corel draw ——-draw plus

Archi-CAD ——-sketch up

Auto-CAD ——-punch card

Paint ——-Inviscape

Mat lab ——-Real draw

Adobe——-Auto desk

(b) Definition

Mock-up is a scale model of the finished work made in any suitable material.

Purpose – Mock-up is made and tested to find out weather or not the design is satisfactory Imperfection not seen when drawing may show up clearly in a mock-up

3. – Ferrous e.g steel _

– Nonferrous e.g copper, level, aluminium, silver, gold

– Alloys eg. brass, bronze solder

4.a) 45 x 2 = 90

(ii) Angle = 25°

b) (i) Measuring –

Tabulation –

(ii) Angle –

(3 marks)

ii Ecenfric circles = 1

Solid piece = 1

Dimension; = 1

= 3mk




5. a) Fixed assets are properties e.g buildings, machines, and other equipment or facilities that have monetary value. 1 mark

(b) Deficit is the amount by which expenditure is greater than income.

(c) Liabilities is financial obligation 1 mark